Sound’s Line. Olga Tatarintseva
Imitation of Degas. The Moscow Ballet. Serge Golovach
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Moire. A performance by Andrey Bartenev. Serge Golovach
Where  dreams lead to. Vika Begalskaya
Der Weg Road. Alexander Pankin
Manhattan. Serge Golovach
Hair. Angelina Merenkova
Sheet # 7 from the Men series. Andrey Andreev
Window. Mikhail Levius
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White draping. Victor Ponomarenko
Untitled. Despina Flessa
The Cave of beautiful eyebrows series. Ivan Gorshkov
Limitation of sound. Olga Tatarintseva
The Cave of beautiful eyebrows series. Ivan Gorshkov
Sunday. Natasha Tarr
Maria Agureeva Untitled
A little white on the upper right. Alexey Lantsev
Heavenly happenings, clouds, stars. Evgeny Gorokhovsky
Daybreak. Vika Begalskaya
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Vitaly Pushnitsky Star
Nika. Arkady Petrov
Margo Ovcharenko, Untitled
Rest in the Donbass. Arkady Petrov